Perimenopausal Cold Flashes
SheerIdeas posted:
I am 49 yrs old and have been in Perimenopause since i was 38 but the last two years has been the most challenging. The last few months I am literally freezing for most of the day and evening and then at night while I sleep I have to have a huge fan blowing on me to keep me "cool" because that is usually when my hot flush (no sweating) hits me is when I sleep.

But during the day its the hardest..I wear layers at work and I have a large floor space heater that blows 80 degree warmth in my office that I can turn on and off when I get my cold spells. At home I can sit on the couch with my heated blanket and then the next minute I'm throwing everything off because I'm too hot. My mother went through this as well and I can remember her hugging a heating pad trying to warm up. Not fun but very much a part of hormone change for this gal!
mountainmom48 responded:
Cold intolerance is a symptom of hypothyroidism. Have you had a thyroid panel recently?
Anon_6061 responded:
Mountainmom has a good point. Also, thyroid problems can cause menstrual and ovarian hormone irregularities which may explain your early perimenopause.
SheerIdeas replied to mountainmom48's response:
I have had my thyroid checked every year for last 8 yrs due to my symptoms and negative on results...all normal. As well as tests for Lupus, Diabetes, adrenals and also vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You can have perimenopause start at earlier age such as I did. Many women can start peri symptoms well before age 50. These cold flashes or episodes are just odd...I have night flushes (no sweats just really hot) During night but am cold all day long.