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13 Year Chronic Vaginal Odor - Please Help
ottawawoman posted:
Chronic Foul Vaginal Odor for 13 yrs. Seen MANY doctors. No infections or diseases. Tried BV and yeast treatments. Tried all OTC deodorants/powders. Tried drinking much water, changing diet. Washing with water, with soap. Douche and not douche. Used natural cotton panties. Smell is equal to "days of unwashed butt". Friends, family, strangers have commented on my vaginal odor. I have smelled myself too. I am very clean person who showers daily. I can clear a room with this odor. I have to work jobs where I'm not exposing other people to my odor. I had to give up my social life completely. Last time I seen a DR for this..TODAY. No infections. No diseases. No constipation.I don't have sex. Its been 13 years since I've had sex. I have regular monthly periods. Light to medium flows. Approx 25 out of 30 days I have the foul vaginal odor develops within 10 minutes after cleaning. 20 minutes and people around me can smell it and some don't mind telling me about it. I'm sick of this. I want my life back. Someone please tell me of any medications, remedies I could use. I've heard of one I can get through internet order but forgot name of it. Someone please help me. I have gotten nowhere with doctors.

I just recently tried Hephresh and no success at all. Had another doctors appointment. She had no solutions. Does anyone know if there is any specific "rare" conditions, genetics, hormones disorders that cause this ongoing problem? Does anyone know of anyone who has been though this or continues to go through this? I have made appointment to see a "Specialist" for this problem. Omg, I hope she can help me.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Ottawawoman,
I doubt this is a perimenopausal phenomenon for you, given the length of time you have death with this problem. It certainly sounds like you have been through many interventions. The only one that I can think of for you, that you didn't mention (but might have tried) is have you tried to insert plain yogurt with live lactobacillus cultures vaginally? you can use a tampon as an inserter; do it for 4-5 days in a row. There is controversy in gyn as to whether or not it's helpful, but there are women who do benefit. I presume you have also been on some probiotics orally as well; if not, do give them a try.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
ottawawoman replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Thank you for answering. I will try that and mention to upcoming specialist appt. I have never seen a specialist for this problem, just regular family doctors.

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