pain during sex after hystectomy
rkc1960 posted:
I had a hysterectomy in 2008. Since then, I have not had sex that was not painful. The Man I was married to was not understanding and at times had raped me....the only way to describe it. I left him years ago and my Boyfriend understands my issues and we have used lubricants, but I still find it very painful and do not really have the desire to even have sex any longer. To be blunt, after the operation, I think my vagina is less deep and that is what I think is causing the pain. Any information I would find helpful, if not, I am seriously OK without sex. Thanx, Rita
Anon_6061 responded:
I'm sorry the hysterectomy caused this problem. That's so wrong that your husband raped you...glad you left him. I don't have pain during sex but lost all desire and most feeling down there so I'm sort of like you in that I'm OK not having sex. I mean what's the point when there's no desire and it's disappointing?? To this day, it makes me sad how this surgery changed me in every way.

When the cervix is removed, the vagina has to be shortened to sew it shut at the top. It's sort of like a seam allowance in sewing (but they call it the vaginal cuff). It sounds like your surgeon may have shortened it too much. Or else your ex and current BF are larger than average.

Another possibility is that your vagina has atrophied. This will cause shrinking along with dryness and lack of lubrication. A vaginal estrogen (cream, tablet, or ring) could be used to heal the tissues and then maintain their elasticity. You would need a prescription for this.

Let us know if you try this and if it does the trick. Hope it does!