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ovulate after menopause
cancercat posted:
Had breast cancer 6 years ago at age 48,took tamoxifen for 5 years,went straight into menopause.Had test a year ago to see if I was really in menopause or if it was just the meds,I was in menopause.I had a period after 6 years, had a D&C,nothing there,at followup visit I was told I was still ovulating every now and then,So I am really confused,am I at risk of getting pregnant
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Cancercat,
Sounds like you are doing well from a breast cancer perspective and that's great. My guess is that you do have some evidence of ovarian activity from what your docs are telling you. It would be extremely unlikely with this history, if I am reading things carefully, that as you are 54 currently, it would be extremely unlikely for you to get pregnant. Did your docs tell you what your FSH is? if your FSH is significantly elevated, it would be very unlikely for you to conceive; so do check in with them on that value.
Stay well, good luck,
Mary Jane