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menopause at 39
lecarb posted:
Hi, I am writing this just hoping that people here can help me sharing experiences with me. I am 41 and started menopause at 39, at that time, was ok with me, my gynecologist prescribe me vivelle dot and prometrium (progesterene), i totally believed her, but i am so scared when i start reading everything online.
I did start those 2 years ago and stopped, start and stopped, now that i just found out that my bone density results show osteopenia, (early sign of osteosporoses), i am more scared and it is one more reason for me to take the hormones. i try just to accept that, but it is so hard, at age 41, so many thing happening bcause os menopause. My belly is ridiculous huge, i am always bloated, and no matter what i do, can not loose weight. Do exercise 5 times a week and watch what i eat. Any experience to share with me? thank you so much.
I am desperate right now
mountainmom48 responded:
Are you sure its perimenopause and not a thyroid issue? Have you had thyroid labs? Untreated hypothyroidism is a cause of osteopenia, so is a few extra pounds that are difficult to shed. Regarding osteopenia, is that being addressed? You need to find out how much calcium, vit d and magnesium you need to be taking for that in addition to the exercise program you have in place. I don't take hormones but am going to my gyno soon to see if adding low dose hormones might help with bone loss. Sorry for the tangent. I know you weren't asking for my bone health platform. Good luck!
lecarb replied to mountainmom48's response:
thanks for answering me. No, it is not thyroid, all my blood tests were normal.i am taking alread calcium, D, and magnesium that dr. told me.
i am just confused with so many opinions about hormones and upset that my belly is huge
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to lecarb's response:
Dear lecarb,
I do assume that your gyn has checked into your "belly" situation (Ie, that your ovaries look fine). Unfortunately, in menopause there does seem to be a central redistribution of weight from the periphery to the belly.
So keep up with lots of exercise, both aerobic and strength training. And I think your gyn's suggestions sound very good.
Good luck,
Mary Jane