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No hot flashes yet
An_251369 posted:
I'll be 48 in a few weeks and I've never had any hot flashes yet. My cycles are like clockwork up until the last year or so. I would start spotting for a day then about 3-4 days later full force nature would kick in with a vengence. Another time I started spotting for a day and nothing for almost a week. I haven't any exams in 17 years but am finally going for a physical and mammogram in a couple weeks from now. I just haven't felt comfortable in having one done with the doctors around here. Last one was painful. I asked my doctor and he just said I was too young to start menopause. I also am diabetic for about 15 years. I just started taking Lisinipril and Lipitor the last few weeks. . I can't ask my mother as she passed away 4 years ago. My sister who is 4 years younger has had them for many years. She has fibroids also. My other sister is 10 years younger so cannot ask her. I started when I was in 5th grade so about 10 or 11. Any comments?
debtabora responded:
I'm no expert as I also posted wondering if my issues are menopause! But I too am your age! I have no insurance as I lost my job from back injury at work and my husband is trying his own HVAC business and insurance is just too expensive! I haven't had the classical hot flashes as some people report but my mom, who is almost 70 and lives with me really never had bad issues when she went through it all. Se was done by age 54! S I'm hopeful that my issues are just menopause and nothing more. I've had a mesh sling put in for urinary incontinence but never had any issues. Now I'm having periods so close together it's crazy! My cycle always made me tired but I'm worse now! I started taking B complex and also ginseng supplements. I feel a little better exhaustion wise but my bleeding is concerning me! It's heavier at first and more clots but its so often the past couple months! I have at times only 3 to 8 days in between now. I'm hoping this is normal. What you are going through sounds normal to me. I too was told I was too young for menopause so they call it peri menopause lol! That's the up to 10 years before real menopause! Lol! They say my levels are fine. The problem is that levels fluctuate daily! So maybe my levels were good that day? I don't have a lot of trust in docs! I was told my thyroid level was fine for years by one doc. Then later another said your level should be between 2 and 3. The other said 5 but I was at 6. And I've gotten as high as 14 with the doc not even notifying me. S now I see an endocrinologist . Lol! He gives me a deal with no insurance. 100 a visit. Thank goodness it's only quarterly! Still cheaper than insurance! Lol! So, like you, I'm wondering what's normal. I can't seem to get a descent answer and will prob have to o see a female doc. My last female check up was prob only 3 yrs ago when I had insurance. I've only been without since January of this year so I'm good. Lol! Feel free to txt me anytime. I can maybe be a shoulder or ear for venting .

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