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bio-identical hormones--pellet insertion
An_243226 posted:
What happens to you if your doctor gives you a bio-identical hormone pellet in the same hip 2X's in a row? The hips is supposed to be alternated; what happens if not?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_243226,
One thing I would suggest is switching to transdermal estrogens which are commercially available from regular pharmaceutical companies regulated by the FDA; there are patches and gels which are truly bioidentical, and you don't have to worry about getting pellets or injections-
Good luck,
Mary Jane
tmk22 replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Thank you for your reply...but, the pellets are the only thing that really work with me....creams and patches didn't take care of all my symptoms as well...

The question still remains; what if the doctor puts the pellet in the wrong hip?.

My doc said "No, won't happen. I dictate as soon as I walk out of the room", but I was positive on which hip because of a particular memory I had from the the time before--the doc insisted I was wrong, people forget, it happens all the time...that's why it's written down immediately. Now what? What are the side effects if any?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to tmk22's response:
Dear tmk22,
No problem should occur-even if the pellet is placed in the same hip, shouldn't be a problem.
Mary Jane

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