How do you know?
Jinx39 posted:
My periods stopped two years ago, I really don't miss them but I am only 44 yars old. I just needed to know how do you know if it is menopause? Or could there be an underlying problem? I have not had any hot flashes yet, just moody and I still like sex.
An_250567 responded:
If you've not been to a doctor in the past two years to ask about this, I think you should. You need a pap and breast exam at the very least. You could have blood work to see if you are in fact in menopause. If you are, it will be confirmed. If you aren't, you can go from there to find out why your periods stopped. You might ask about vitamin D levels to see if you are getting enough to keep bones healthy.
Anon_6061 replied to An_250567's response:
Pap tests are only needed every 3 years. Here are the current guidelines -