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Ear plugging in menopause
An_251578 posted:
I was wondering if plugged ears are another issue during menopause? I have been in menopause for 10 years and sometimes my ears are plugged for no obvious reasons. I went to the ENT and he showed me an article that this can be related to menopause. If so what can be done to relieve this annoying symptom? Thanks
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_251578,
That's a good question; it's actually not a too common symptom; One of the possible options I would imagine is anti-histamine therapy. One thing women in menopause do need to be aware of is when they are using anti-histamines, they can contribute further to dryness: vaginal dryness, skin dryness. So it's just something to be aware of.
Good luck,
Mary Jane