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started bleeding again after a fall
vgardener posted:
Hello everyone,

I am 55 and went into menopause at 47 no symptoms at all other than the last two months before I stopped having a period they were so heavy I had to have a cat scan and ultrasound, the cat scan said they saw something on the ovaries the ultrasound saw nothing. Two months after that I never bled again.

Two months ago, end of February, I had a severe fall, landed right on my butt on cement, I heard a crunch and a crack and then instant pain. I am used to having a lot of pain, I have a noncanerous but inoperable spinal cord tumor that I take morphine, baclefen, and lyrica for but the pain when I fell made my 'everyday' pain feel like nothing. It took me fifteen minutes before I could pull myself up on the couch.

I probably should have gone to hospital but didn't I live in a small town and well the hospital does not have the best reputation. I finally went in when I started bleeding lightly. When I went to the hospital ER I sat in an exam room for 3 hours after seeing a doctor that was not very interested for five minutes, asked me how long ago I fell, how bad the bleeding was and left. They did do a blood test which they said was normal the nurse told me this.

When the doctor came back in he told me I was fine just a back strain and I was to fat to have any tests (okay I'm fat I admit it but to fat for an xray or an ultrasound?) He then left and I sat for 3 hrs. By this time it was time for me to take my meds, I follow a very strict protocal and only take them at the right time and only from MY doctor's prescription, when I informed the nurse it was getting time for meds. I was sent packing. So I assume they thought I was drug seeking even though I told them exactly who my doctor was and why I did not want any from them when the nurse offered.

The bleeding stopped after a couple of days, so stupid me forgot about it. Yesterday (4/20/13) I started getting cramps just like I used to when I still had my periods. The bleeding isn't horrible but I am passing horrible clots, they are so large that, I know this is gross but, the water in the toilet splashes. I am not quite sure what to do, my provider had to go on an extended leave and they aren't sure she will be back ( I am assuming she is probably sick, so sad she is a really nice lady) Since I live in such a small town, the doctors are not very good and most don't take medicare or won't take someone on a pain management contract. I did find a doctor thank God but I can't get into see him for another month.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I am hoping it has something to do with the fall but I don't know. I am afraid to go back to the hospitaol. Anyone out there that could give me some ideas I would sure appreciate it.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear gardener,
Good question; but alas I don't know the answer. Vaginal bleeding is seldom related to uterine trauma; so I don't know what to make of this. If it is possible, if the doctor that you will be seeing might be able to arrange this for you at a reasonable place, I would see if you can have a transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate the lining of the uterus, referred to as the endometrial echo. This would give you and him a place to start, and save you time in your evaluation; perhaps you could contact his office nurse and see if they could get this set up for you in the meanwhile. There is no clearcut explanation of why a fall would trigger all this.
Good luck,
Mary Jane