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An_251588 posted:
am wondering what all symptoms you can experience when beggining menopause? i have been getting dizzy spells at the start of my last few periods and they have been very irregular. some are short and light some last up to 10 days and have 3-4 heavy days then go light. i will be 41 in november and was adopted very young so not sure how my mothers went. also i have alot more anxiety attacks / panic attacks around the time of my period. could i need to be put on hormones? help!!
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_251588,
Please look at my response to Dawn. Perimenopause is tough to diagnose; but your menstrual history is certainly consistent with such a diagnosis. One possibility, is if you are a good candidate for a low dose birth control (healthy, non smoker basically) is that you could try a pill for a month or two, and see how you feel-if everything straightens out, I would think perimenopause is the likely explanation; and if you are doing well on the pill, you can stay on it.
Good luck,
Mary Jane