Birth control and menopause
Lindeebugg posted:
I am in my seventh month without a period and starting menopause. I am not on birth control because it causes my blood pressure to rise so I have been using condoms. How likely am I to get pregnant during this time when I am not experiencing periods? Would like to not have to use condoms with my husband if possible but don't want to get pregnant at my age. Any advice?
Anon_596 responded:
Yes, I believe you can still get pregnant, although the chances may be less. I myself would not risk it, if not for my own selfish reasons for the risk of possible birth defects. Have you spoken with your Dr to confirm the possibility of menopause and your question?
Lindeebugg replied to Anon_596's response:
Thank you for your response. Like you I worry about birth defects as well. My apt with my doc isn't for awhile so I thought I would get some advice here. Thanks for your help.