???? pre-menopause????
An_251703 posted:
I'm nearly 37 and have not had a period for the last 3 months.Well been having reddish no blood when wiping.I have all the signs of my period with no period.I don't understand whats going on.I had a tubal in 2001 and know I can't get pregnant.So my question is am I in pre menopause? I have no insurance so going to a doctor is out of the question for me.Can anyone help me?
Anon_596 responded:
It's my understanding that our bodies sense such things as having our tubes tied which will signal to the ovary of no through passage or the bridge is out, so the ovary will begin to slow down it's production and estrogen level. So I would think that entering into peri-menopause is quite possible. An elevated stress level can also trigger missed periods. It seems that with your age alone peri-menopause could be starting naturally w/o the tubal. During peri-menopause your productive system begins to slow down until it reaches menopause(12mo w/o a period).

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Anon_6061 responded:
I agree - Any gynecological procedure that alters the functioning of the uterus, ovaries, and tubes can cause problems whether it be tubal ligation, ablation, hysterectomy, ovary removal. The female sex organs' functions don't stop after our reproductive years either. They're essential for lifelong health.