debr1012 posted:
I haven't had a period in over 14 months until yesterday. I was always told that after a year with no cycle they were over for good. Is this something I should be concerned about?
Anon_6061 responded:
Dr. Minkin has replied to a number of posts about post-menopausal bleeding. You should be able to find them via the search function and then filter results by clicking on "Only Expert Content."

This situation isn't all that uncommon and is oftentimes nothing serious. It may just be some sporadic ovarian activity. The lining can also get so thin that it causes some bleeding (this can happen with thin vaginal tissues too).

This link is helpful in understanding causes of postmenopausal bleeding and necessary workups - . This link may also be helpful - Only 7-10% of bleeding is caused by endometrial cancer. 60-80% is merely from an atrophic (very thin) lining. The causes and %s can be found in a table mid-page. Hope yours is nothing serious! And if it's something that needs to be treated, hopefully a medication or simple organ-sparing procedure will be all you need.