Help me understand irregular peroids please
An_252096 posted:
I know I'm going through a form of menopause I have experienced irregular periods for almost 2 or more yrs. I have been keeping track on how long they last and how heavy or light they are, for months they were very heavy with a lot of clots lasting for 2 to 3 times then the next month I would not get my period at all. I went through this process for about 2yrs. and now the last 2 month it has been very light. This last month it was more of heavy spotting then any real period. I also have not been getting the bad back cramps like I have in the past. Can you help me understand if this is normal or am I one of the few that will end early on this journey.
darlyn05 responded:
Technically, menopause is when there is an absense of menses for 1yr (12 mo). This could be peri-menopause, the time leading up to menopause. Are you having any other symptoms associated with this, like hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, emotion rollercoaster, etc...?

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