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Past menopause
sweetmeet posted:
I had a complete hysterectomy 22 years ago and was put on the highest dose of Premarin at that time. I just recently stopped taking thePremarin. Other than the "wonderful" hot flashes/sweats" and sleeplessness, are there other withdrawal symptoms that I may expect to feel?
Anon_6061 responded:
Estrogen deficiency can cause many other symptoms and health problems as shown by studies as well as many women's experiences. The emotional and mental effects of the loss of estrogen were worse than the physical ones for me. I haven't gone off estrogen but after my (unwarranted) complete hysterectomy before I was given adequate estrogen replacement, I quickly spiraled into a suicidal depression with anxiety. I also couldn't concentrate or remember anything (thought I was getting Alzheimer's) and everything was overwhelming. Sleep was also very fragmented but hot flashes were mild.

These symptoms are quite a bit better but I'm still not even close to my old self. And I'm just as distraught about the changes to my body (inside and out) but I guess there's no pill for that! At least I haven't had the typical weight gain.

Since the ovaries have been shown to produce hormones into a woman's 80's, I plan to take estrogen indefinitely.

Did you at least gradually taper off versus going cold turkey?

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