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What Age Does A Woman Stop Having A Menstrual Cycle?
cupcake63 posted:
at what age will a woman stop having a menstrual cycle? is it normal for women over 60?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Cupcake63,
that's a good question. The average age of menopause in this country is 51.4 years; however, it's a huge range of normal. 1% of women are menopausal by age 40; I usually quote 60 as the upper end of the range (so I usually say 35-60 is the normal range.) That being said, I have one patient who through age 63 had one menstrual period a year; I evaluated her carefully for every period beyond 60 (doing endometrial biopsies, ultrasounds)-and all was normal: so I truly think was having a "period" for the last 3 years-once a year. But that's extremely unusual. (and now she seems to have finally stopped)
In general, if a woman passed 60 is having bleeding, and she is not on hormonal therapy, she should check in with her health care practitioner.
Good luck,
Mary Jane