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    Is it common to experience chills(as wells as hot flashes) during menopause
    Outthere posted:
    I am not able to find anything that indicates this is normal, and am growing concerned something else is wrong--infection or other
    Anon_6061 responded:
    Some women do experience both. Also, it seems that thyroid problems are more common after menopause and this can cause changes in thermoregulation. So you may want to have your thyroid checked.
    An_252430 responded:
    I am 50 and have hot flashes that cause anxiety attacks where I shake all over similar to having chills. One minute I am fine, and then I will start to shake and feel anxious. This is one of the many lovely symptoms I am experiencing. So much fun!
    happygranny4 replied to An_252430's response:
    will be 56 in oct.and i have been in menopause for 5 years. The past year i have been having horrific hot flashes and cold ones at the same time, and right along with this comes the yellow slim and yellow bile from my intestines that does not stop for at least a few days. Covered up in bed under 2 quilts and still can't stop shaking. cannot leave my bed until it stops.I am now on medical leave and my doc. is trying to get me to take Premarin,i am SOOOOO afraid of it.How come some people say once you start you can never stop Premarin. Ihave asked my doctor for the phyc.ward key. HELP don't know what to do
    Anon_6061 replied to happygranny4's response:
    Since you said Premarin which is estrogen only (versus Prempro which is estrogen plus progestin) did you have a hysterectomy and not take any hormones? Have you had your thyroid checked?
    happygranny4 replied to happygranny4's response:
    had a hysterectomy in 1997, they left one ovary.I do not remember taking any hormones at the time i had no symptoms at all until my brother passed away 2 weeks before my 50 birthday which was in 2008. My mother can not remember having problems with her menopause (i am the only girl in the family) It hit hard right from the beginning.I have had my thyroid checked many times its normal.I have went to a specialist and spit in little bottles at different times of day,blood work done and all of it sent away to the US to be analyzed it came back that my cortisal and my adrennals were running the opposite times of the day than when they should be. Long story short over these years i have tried everything in the health food stores. None worked, i have tried the progesterone cream did not work.I do not want to take premarin for the rest of my life.
    Anon_6061 replied to happygranny4's response:
    In women with all their parts, the ovaries function their entire lives, just in a reduced capacity after menopause. Even when an ovary or ovaries are left in place during hysterectomy, their function can be compromised and they can stop working altogether due to the loss of blood flow. So your remaining ovary may not be doing anything which puts a lot of stress on the rest of your endocrine system (adrenals and thyroid).

    I also had a hysterectomy and although I take estrogen (and have no plans to stop), prior to getting enough estrogen, I could barely function. I became a totally different person and aged overnight. I had some of your same symptoms along with many others including severe depression and anxiety. My mom, sisters, and cousins who have all their parts breezed through menopause.

    Since nothing else has worked to treat your symptoms, estrogen may be worth a try. Premarin isn't the only option. There are bio-ID patches, pills, gels, vaginal rings and synthetic pills (such as Premarin). All are available at the big retail pharmacies.

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