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Losing my mind???
didi5353 posted:
I am 53, on Bioidenticals & am still having some cognitive issues. I am so concerned that I am wondering if it is something deeper than normal. I forget dates, names and the simplest word will escape me. I am reading about hot flashes and that kind of thing on this site; what about cognitive issues? Is this ever addressed here? Thanks.
Anon_6061 responded:
I know what you mean! Hot flashes were the least of my worries or problems even though I had a hysterectomy (which was unwarranted at that). The cognition, memory, depression, and anxiety were so bad I thought I'd have to be committed! The rapid changes to my body and appearance surely didn't help matters either.

This nightmare continued for over a year even though I was prescribed the highest dose patch. I had to do my own research to realize that HRT can take a lot of trial and error to find a good fit and that hormone tests are pretty useless when determining effectiveness of a particular HRT. Once I understood this and found a doctor who listens, things started turning around.

How long have you been on hormones? Have you tried several? Do you have all your parts?
didi5353 replied to Anon_6061's response:
Had a partial several years ago. Started having all the menopause symptoms a while ago. First doc wouldn't help because I was a smoker. Quit smoking then he said since my father died of a heart attack, I was not a good candidate for HRT. VERY FRUSTRATING!! I heard of BHRT & began using BiEST, Progesterone & Testosterone (creams). It took a little adjusting, but the hot flashes & night sweats are pretty much gone....along with my mind!! LOL! I can't seem to remember the simplest stuff. Words escape me all the time. Today I gave a wrong date to someone & it screwed up an appointment. I was so upset when I realized what I'd done that I almost started to cry. It's scary. I'm seriously thinking about having a brain scan done. People are noticing at work, too, which can be detrimental to my career. I'm a wreck about all of it.
Anon_6061 replied to didi5353's response:
In my opinion, you probably aren't getting enough estrogen. Biest is VERY weak - only 20% estradiol and 80% estriol (the weakest estrogen). Why not go with a commercial retail estradiol prescription patch, gel, or tablet (Estrace or its generic)? You shouldn't need progesterone either since you don't have a uterus.

Do your research about the many increased health risks of estrogen deficiency caused by ovary removal (or premature ovarian failure - natural or surgically induced). And understand the risks and benefits of estrogen replacement so you can advocate for what's best for your health and quality of life.
ICAMMCO responded:
I am 49 and also had the same issues. Last summer I could not put 2 sentences together, gained 20 lbs, and could not explain my issues. My regular Doctor and OBGYN wanted to put me on Effexor and blood pressure medication. I refused and I researched and found bioidentical hormone therapy. I also researched Doctors, and made sure I selected the right one. I found an endocrinologist who had 14 years of experience in this area, am now on Pellet therapy and have returned to my pre-menopausal state. What an endocrinologist does is look at all hormones, neurotransmitters and amino acids. The Doc will completely balance your hormones, supplement essential amino acids and return you to a pre-40 state. I no longer have hot flashes, mood swings, and I have my cognitive abilities back. My kids comment on how quiet I became last summer, and that they are so relieved I am back to what I use to be. Including patience and kindness. I don't know where you live but my Doctor is Mark Bartiss, has 3 offices in NJ and is amazing. I now work for him because I want everyone over 40 to know this is available.
IlanaH responded:
I heard coconut oil may help cognitive performance, maybe you can try some. Just several months ago, I had almost every common symptoms of menopause, and I couldn't even remember what we had for dinner last night. It was terrible. One of our family friends recommended an herbal supplement to me. I took 4 capsules each time, twice a day. The symptoms got controlled just in two weeks. Now I take half the dosage, and feel great. There are a lot of herbal products out there. You can find the one you like best. The supplement I'm taking doesn't claim to improve cognitive issues, but I do think it helped. And the most important thing is to relax. Anxiety only makes things worse.

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