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HRT for Menopause Symptoms
cynthiascat3 posted:
I am posting from my own experience. I'm a 56 yr. young woman who has been in menopause from HELL since age 48. That's 8 long years of so much suffering that I've been suicidal & homicidal. My 'hot flashes' are one of the absolute worse life experiences I've ever had. So bad they sent me running to my OB-Gyn and on the internet looking up statistics for women who commit suicide during menopause. I found out that women commit suicide during menopause MORE than any other time of their lives. I was also immediately placed on HRT by my doctor, which by the way even with good health insurance HRT (hormone replacement therapy) can run you upwards of $300 a month out-of-pocket! I also fled to my nearest health food store and purchased a supposed 'natural' hormone cream to rub a quarter size on my wrist each day, also very expensive. I bought Estroven, iCool, Soy products, every possible herbal remedy I could get my hands on and obviously these are all ultra-expensive because the manufacturers of these products know that many women myself included would buy 24k gold marbles and push them around a mile long block with their nose if told to do so to escape the suffering of night sweats and hot flashes so bad you can time them like contractions every 15 minutes! Did I mention INSOMNIA? I haven't slept in 6 years and I'm NOT exaggerating! Nothing I mean NOTHING helped! Wait there is help, according to my OBGYN,( by the way He's a male not a female), HRT is extremely effective relieving menopausal symptoms (and cancer causing) and in my experience they are quite reliable only to go to a FEMALE doc who said oh don't take those Prometrium and Cenestin they ONLY post-pone the symptoms you will eventually have to go through it all at some point and more good news some women have hot flashes for the rest of their lives. Where's my gun!! So ladies that's the reason I've been in menopause for 8 long grueling years, my husband wants a DIVORCE after 13 years he doesn't love me anymore. Can you blame him? I would never in a million years suggest HRT to even my worst enemy!

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Anon_6061 responded:
I'm sorry for all you're going through! I can absolutely relate to feeling suicidal. Mine all started after an unwarranted hysterectomy even though I was put on an estrogen patch. The suicidal depression, anxiety, insomnia, and absolutely no energy, motivation, or joy in living were worse than the hot flashes.

Once I found an HRT that worked better for me, the depression lifted and the other symptoms improved greatly too. I personally will continue taking HRT to have some quality of life. I just wish there was a fix for the anatomical and sexual damage.

When you mention cancer, I assume you're talking about the increased risk of breast cancer. Studies have been inconclusive about an increased risk of BC with estrogen only. And the increase in BC with estrogen plus progestin is very small. I don't know that there have been any studies with estrogen plus progesterone. If you have your uterus, of course you need to take a progestin or progesterone with the estrogen to protect your uterine lining.

There are some inexpensive HRT's available without insurance. Generic Estrace is (or at least was) a $4 Rx. But I'm not sure what's available cheaply for the progestin or progesterone. Prometrium's pretty expensive but there's a generic which is a little cheaper. Also, sometimes it's cheaper to self-pay and not even use your insurance. Crazy, huh?

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