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question about biopsy of uterine lining
An_250567 posted:
I've just had a couple of very, very light periods each year the past couple of years (four in two years). Recently I had a very, very, very heavy period lasting 10 days. Midway through my period, I called my gyn wondering if it was normal. I went in, had an U/S which showed a thickening of the lining, but no cysts or fibroids. My FSH is 33. Because that numbers indicates possible menopause, my doctor would like to take a biopsy in case the bleeding wasn't a period. I am scheduled for that later this week. I am going out of town this weekend and will have opportunity to swim in a pool and float a river. Will I be restricted from getting in the water after the biopsy? If so, for how long?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_250567,
You raise a couple of good questions. Some gyns do recommend waiting a few days before resuming swimming; so you might want to check to see what your gyn's preference is. I think it is perfectly reasonable to wait to do the biopsy, if they don't want you swimming right after it. (in other words, although I do think the biopsy is a good idea, I think there is only a small chance of finding anything bad-so it would be fine to wait a week or two.)
With an FSH of 33, you are certainly at least perimenopausal; until you go a full year without any bleeding, we cannot say you are fully menopausal.
Good luck, hope all goes well,
Mary Jane