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    Migraines / hot flashes
    An_252880 posted:
    Back in 2009 I had ablation done ( nova sure ) do to bad cramping and pains that would double me over on attack and my up and down monthly cycles that would last 3 to 6 days depending on how active I was . After ablation I started getting migraines and no more monthly cycles . But for the last 4 years the migraines are getting to be on a daily basis and now for the last month or so I'm also having hot flashes now too . Have been seeing neurologist for the migraines and had many test,MRI,and scans done but nothing,have tried so many medications that I can't count all of them and none of them will stop the migraines, even had 2 different doses of botox done. Tomarrow I go back to gynecologist who did the ablation ( nova sure ) to see if she can help with the migraines and hot flashes. Looking for any help I can get !! Or any suggestions I can try !!
    Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
    Dear An_252880,
    A couple of thoughts. Although I am not usually a fan of doing blood tests to measure hormone levels, your situation would make me do an FSH and estradiol level, to get a sense of where you are hormonally, It certainly sounds like you are at least perimenopausal (hard to prove that you're fully menopausal, given the ablation and no bleeding. I would then consider a low dose patch for you; for folks with migraines, I like patches because I like to keep estrogen levels as smooth as possible. And I"d probably start with a 0.0375 patch (a very low dose) to see how you do. I would not start you on any progesterone yet. If you did well with the estrogen, then I'd add some progesterone. I think you will get some relief; hard to know how much, but it's definitely worth a try.
    Good luck, and let everyone here know how you do.
    Mary Jane
    tamara1412 responded:
    I had similar migraine and hot flash issues. I would agree that it would be good to get some hormone help. The low estrogen levels definitely contributed to my attacks. However, I would also suggest looking at food triggers. I have had migraines since 16 years old and it wasn't until I had an ENT and dietician tell me to consider food allergies at 46 years old:) that I got serious. I now avoid milk, cheese, yogurt and wheat products. It has made a huge difference for me. That coupled with birth control pills that supply the hormones my body refuses to make, have put me on a better road. Although the hot flashes continue. Don't be afraid to go keep going back for more help, everyone one of us is different.
    jlatta replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
    When I went to the Gynecologist she done blood test and it did come back menopausal so she did start me on a 0.045 patch to get me started and so far since I started it last Thursday I've only had 2 hot flashes so it has seemed to work. Thank you for helping and giving your thoughts. Very much appreciated !!
    jlatta replied to tamara1412's response:
    Thanks for your response on this, I found out that my hormone level was low so my gynecologist started my on a low dose patch 0.045 to start with. And I will continue to search for help on these migraines , I will also look at my dairy products cause I do eat a lot of cheese . Thank you again and if you can think of anything fell free to email me. Thanks Jennifer
    kkemp replied to tamara1412's response:
    I have struggled with migraines for yrs, but the last 2 yrs got really bad. They last 3 days, and they make me really sick now. Tried to treat hormonally, because I know I'm probably pre-menopausal. But started taking magnesium as suggested by a chiropractor. Been taking it since February and migraine free!!!!!! Its a miracle drug for me!!!!! I take 800mg a day! When on it, my sensitivity to headache is totally gone. If I stop for a day or two, I can start feeling the sensitivity coming back! It works for me, and am starting to hear more about it now relating to migraines. I heard Dr. Oz actually supported it! I try to tell everyone I know, because Its been a blessing for me! My Gynecologist sadly had nothing to say about it, was disappointed in that, cause I know she has to treat a lot of women with same issue! I had found a article here on webMD that showed many illnesses where they see a deficiency in magnesium! It also said B6 is good for migraine sufferers, 100mg(no more). So I take the B's 100mg, and 2000 D, and feel great!!!! But I started first with magnesium to make sure I knew what was working. Gluten free is another possibility if still a problem. Please try magnesium though!!!! Hope this helps!!!!
    kkemp replied to kkemp's response:
    One other thing! During my 40s, I have become very sensitive to alcohol. I've always been a social drinker. Once or twice on a weekend. But I'm gradually getting to the point of totally giving it up, it gives me a headache after just a couple, sometimes just one. Magnesium may have helped this a little but not a lot. Still have to be very cautious. Just not worth a headache/migraine anymore. I have to eat a full meal first, before I can have a drop of alcohol.....and only one or two. Would love to solve that problem! I am going to experiment with Italian wine though. Have been told it wont cause a headache.....But if I have to, I can live without alcohol. Love feeling good and being migraine is worth it!!!!!
    KenReed responded:
    I have had migraines for 15 plus years. For the last 10, I've been taking Imitrex and that's the only thing that's helped. When I started menopause 6 months ago, I wanted to curl up in a ball until it was all over! The hot flashes were murder. I would be in a meeting and break out in sweats trying to fan myself down with documents! My migraines became much worse and frequent. Up until three weeks ago, the hot flashes went away and I haven't had a migraine in over a month. My doctor has always told me that my migraines were all hormonal.
    jlatta replied to kkemp's response:
    I have tried the magnesium for a while but not the b and d so when I go back to the doctor I will say something about that.and for the alcohol its been several years since I've drank so I no it's not that. But I sure will check on the b and d , thank you for sharing.
    jlatta replied to KenReed's response:
    Imitrex doesn't work for my migraines , the only thing I have found so far that eases them is max-alt- melts and for the hormone part just got put on a low dose patch for that a week ago, so hopefully if that's what it is it can kick in anytime. Thank you for your information it's appreciated so much.
    Michele1130 responded:
    Back in 2004 I began having daily migraines and wasn't sure why so I went to my doctor and I had the same exact tests run. Of course they found nothing at all and my doctor sent me to a pain management course after being on different over the counter medications which never helped relieve the pain. In 2009 I was laid off and lost my health insurance, got divorced in 2010 and now my boyfriend has to pay for my doc visits and my monthly meds for my migraines. I even tried botox which only relieved the pain for 12 hours, then the migraines came right back. I discovered after reading other womens stories in magazines that I have HORMONAL MIGRAINES.which cause migraines. I can't explain how it happens but it has something to do with the lack of estrogren and hormones in your body. My body stopped making estrogen years ago and I have been suffering with daily migraines for over 10 years. I take Fioricet with Codeine which can only be prescribed by your physician. It does work and it allows me to function. Without it, I can't do anything, not even eat. You are the first person I have read that has daily migraines other than me. I am in peri-menopause and not only suffer from hormonal daily migraines, but since May of 2013 I am now having hot flashes all day long, can't sleep more than 2 hours before waking up, drying off and going back to sleep. Try the Fioricet with codeine, It is the ONLY medication that will relieve your migraine pain. The other over the counter meds do not work on hormonal migraines and neither will the meds that the neurologist will give you. Believe me I tried it all! Go to your doctor and tell him or her what I have said here. Make sure you get the maximum amount of pills per month. For the first month do not try to drive while taking the medication for the first hour, it might make you drowsy, after you have taken the Fioricet for a few months, your body will adjust. I can function normally with the Fioricet. My dentist gave me the medication for the pain after I had a couple of teeth pulled one day many years ago and I remembered it when my migraines started. Tests are useless but if the doctor insists on running the test in order to get the Fioricet, do what he asks. Trust me, you will thank me later. Good luck!
    Michele1130 replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
    Hi Doctor Minkin:

    Just to respond to your message above, I just posted my story to An 252880 about her migraine issue. I have been suffering since 2004 on a DAILY BASIS. I have had every test out there to find out what is causing my migraines, however, after reading on line and in different womens health magazines, I discovered on my own that I have hormonal migraines. From 2004 to 2012 the migraines were excruciating at times but with the medication I have been taking for years, it has helped relieve the pain so I could function and enjoy life. I was in an auto accident in September of 2011 and the force of the accident caused my spine and neck to push towards my head causing extra migraine pain. The doctor I now see understands my problem and as long as I have my liver tested through blood tests, I am given the medication once a month and it is the ONLY medication that has worked for me. It has a combination of a few drugs that relieve the pain. Doctors do not even understand why women get hormonal migraines, that is why it is so hard to treat. I found my medication by accident but thank God I did, otherwise I may not be here right now. I read about a woman who suffered from daily migraines and because she could not find relieve and could no longer handle the pain, she took her own life. That is how bad this kind of pain is.
    Michele1130 replied to kkemp's response:
    Hi Kkemp. I was also told that magnesium helps but I tried it for a few days and NO RELIEF. Apparently my case is more severe than others. Not only do I suffer from daily migraines, but I am also lactose intolerant and I have IBS irritable bowel syndrome, meaning no dairy products whatsoever, nor can I eat anything spicy, not even a little bit. I am glad that the magnesium has helped you, I only wish it did for me but it doesn't. I have tried everything and the only medication that works for me is Fioricet with Codeine. I am almost 57 and my migraines started when I was in my early 40's, that's how long I have been suffering with daily migraines. I am in peri-menopause but I still have cycles every 3 to 4 months. I will not be in total menopause until I stop having cycles for 12 full months. Good luck to you!
    Michele1130 replied to KenReed's response:
    Hi KenReed. Very interesting. My Kaiser doctor was a male (I no longer have health insurance) due to being laid off in 2009 and when I had my Kaiser doc, he told me that I was his only patient that suffered my daily migraines. I have never heard of any doctor admitting to a women that her migraines were hormone related but it is true, the migraines that most women suffer from are hormonal and I hope some day that a scientist will discover something, other than a medication, that will relieve us of these terrible migraines. Until then, I must keep taking my Fioricet.
    Michele1130 replied to jlatta's response:
    I agree with Jlatta. Imitrex caused my heart to ache and that isn't a good feeling. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I took imitrex for one week and stopped, couldn't stand the pain in my chest. I have never heard of max-alt-melts but the only medication that works for me is Fioricet with Codeine, prescribed only by a doctor and you must have your liver checked every 3 months after you have been on this. I have been taking it for years and it helps me tremendously!

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