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Rapid heart rate
cattq posted:
Im 45 almost 46 and rapid heart rate just started, I have been to the doctor numerous times because I couldnt take it anymore so he put me on betablockers to slow the rate, good or bad I dont know, they seem to work most of the time, I have had hot flashes and night sweats for years but never had my hormone levels this something I should consider? I think what worries me the most is the rapid heart rate, it will come out of no where and then a feeling of anxiety, its driving me crazy and I just want some advice...Thanks
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Cattq,
You didn't mention if you are still getting periods-are you? Is there any irregularity? Do these hot flashes occur at any particular time of the cycle (if you are still cycling). If you are getting regular menstrual cycles and there is no pattern to when you get the flashes and the feeling of anxiety, it would be unlikely that perimenopause would be the cause. If you find that periods are more irregular, and these symptoms seem to occur right before a period, then it would be more likely to be perimenopausal. What you could do is to get your blood levels checked at a time of significant symptoms-the tests would be an FSH and estradiol. And it might be informative. If all is totally fine cardiac wise, and the symptoms do seem to be perimenopausal, and you are a good candidate for a low dose birth control pill, it might be a good thing to try it for a month or two, and see if all your symptoms resolve-
Good luck, and let everyone know how you are doing,
Mary Jane
cattq replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Jane, Thanks for the reply. All of this is concerting for sure and has me a little unnerved to say the least because it just popped up out of nowhere. I will make an appt with my GYN and have my hormone levels checked. As for a period yes I still have them (ugh) and most of the time they are lite, and have decreased about 3-4 days at best. I am on beta blockers to help slow my heart rate as prescribed by my doctor. It seems to help for the most part but I do have periods where my heart will still beat uncontrollably and not lasting very long.. Just looking for answers. I have a stress test on Thursday to rule out any heart issues as I do have a family history with grandparents and my parents and my doctor says its more preventative than anything. Im healthy so he wasnt super concerned.. Will keep you updated.. Thank you!

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