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Can I go on HRTs with Triple Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis?
survivor0805 posted:
I am 49 years old and had breast cancer 8 years ago. I am now having eextreme hot flashes, severe depression and very little sleep. Due to my cancer dagnosis, I have not gone on any hormone replacement therapy but the over the counter medications do not seem to work anymore...I have tried Chinese Meds, Black Cohosh, and I-Cool. Antidepresents were keeping me awake. Since my cancer was not hormone receptive, does anyone know the risk if I go on some type of hormone replacement therapy??
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Survivor0805,
A couple of easy suggestions. You mentioned that you had tried black cohosh; have you tried the specific brand of Remifemin? Quality of some black cohosh products are quite variable; Remifemin is a standardized product-it still might not work, but you'll know exactly what you are getting. One option coming out this fall is a very low dose of paroxetine; it will be called Brisdelle, and seems to have fewer of the antidepresssant side effects, because of its dose, but it does have hot flash efficacy. I do think that you may well be a good candidate for HT, given that you are many years out (that's terrific) from a triple negative tumor. Is your oncologist OK with you doing some low dose HT? if (s)he is, and your gynecologist is OK, too-sounds totally reasonable to me. If your oncologist is fine with it, and your gyn is not, go to the North American Menopause Society's website,, for a list of menopause folks near you, to discuss this situation.
Good luck,
Mary Jane