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Cyndiat44 posted:
Ok ladies is it only me or does everything get on your nerves. Or is that something other then menopause? I never used to be so short tempered. I'm ready to just run and hide from everyone. Until this goes away. Or like PMS they say is a learned behavior. Could it just be another learned behavior? I know I really feel like crap sometimes and just have to either take a drive by myself or hide in my room. My poor kids think I really don't like them sometimes. I'm always telling them please ignore me right now. I have just started to eat right. I have always taken my vitamins. Just realized I haven't been very attentive towards my husband. And that isn't me. That is how I knew I was going threw something different. Well whoever said we have to start being moody, have low libido, low testosterone, ect. Well serotonin is the feel good hormone what boost serotonin in the brain? I know Primrose Oil helps get rid of migraine head aches. Haven't tried that one yet. I have been reading a lot on this thing they call menopause. If any of this made any seance then I'm still ok but if not then there goes that fuzzy thinking again. Trying to figure out the best way to begin all the diet, exercise, the distressing meditations, new way if livening... And a lot of the power of a lot of prays. All I know is when I was clinically diagnosed with sever depression they tried all their meds on me and I felt way out of whack. I could not even function in public. I said all this is , this thing they call depression is a learned behavior and I read up on why people get depressed they look around and say oh well we can't change humanity. So they say lets just be depressed about it. So ladies all I'm saying is maybe if we step out of this thing they call menopause I'm not going to let it get the best of me. Women are strong inside and out we endure childbirth, husbands, and hold down the house while working full time to help support the family. So eat right exercise, remember the vitamins and we should be fine.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Cyndiat44,
Sorry you are not feeling well. Perimenopause (I assume you are still having periods?) certainly can contribute to mood swings. One option that you may want to consider (in working with your gynecologist) to see if your mood changes could be related to a lack of estrogen would be to take some supplemental estrogen for a couple of months (some transdermal bioidentical estrogen is readily available in both patch and gel form) and see if your mood improves. You would want to pay attention to mood, headache, and other feelings; charting your symptoms would be helpful.
Do discuss how you are feeling with your gyn to see if (s)he feels (s)he may be able to help you.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
Cyndiat44 replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Thank You Mary Jane, My GYN gave me birth control pills to regulate my period's. I bleed really bad when I'm not taking the pill. I wanted to end my periods all together. I can't because I had the essure done. So she can preform the process, it takes to end periods. I was havering my period every 3 months and it didn't bother me. So I am going to tell my GYN I would like to stop taking the pill. Anyway I will talk to my GYN about prescribing me some supplemental estrogen. I know I have to do something because these feelings are driving me crazy. Thank you again for your suggestions. I really appreciate your reply. Cyndiat44

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