HRT Train
Jeldon posted:
Just a little bit of background. I am 39 and been menopausal since 19. Have been on various HRT for last 20 years

Started taking the combipatch 2weeks ago. Have taken pill forms of HRT with large amounts of weight gain, in the past, so gave up on it for a while. So far, I've gained 15 lbs in 3 weeks!! Already over weight at the time I started. Bout fed up with HRT. Would rather suffer with symptoms! No problems with patch staying on! ha! Sticks around like a bad habit. I'm calling my doctor. Never tried bio-identical. Think it's time I do. Good luck to all those who don't mind suffering from diabetes due to HRT obesity. And for you ladies who aren't sure if it's you or the drug...I went thru early menopause at 19 and was put on hormones then. Gained 50 lbs!! YES! You read right! 50 lbs! Synthetics are bad for your body no matter what pocket robbing doctors and drug companies say! Worst weight gain prior to the drugs and issues with it since taking them. This synthetic stuff gets into every cell of your body and causes real trouble. HRT users beware.