kathy_p posted:
I am 49 and am having severe symptoms of menopause. I am wondering if all the things I am feeling in my body are menopause-related. I feel like I'm going to pass out at times, and also feel I am having a panic attack. Is this common? I know the night sweats and hot flashes are common, but I'm having dizziness, nausea, weakness and fatigue, and rapid heartbeat. My doctor won't prescribe me hormone therapy until my monthly cycle stops completely. Does anyone have remedies that have worked for them you can buy at a health food store? If this is what menopause feels like, I hate it already!!!
Anon_6061 responded:
Have you considered a low dose birth control pill? Those are oftentimes prescribed during perimenopause and usually work great to normalize everything - your cycles as well as the menopausal symptoms. Being 49, you probably wouldn't need to take it for more than a few years. And then once you're menopausal, if you still have symptoms, you could go with a low dose HRT.
kathy_p replied to Anon_6061's response:
No, I had no idea a low dose birth control pill was even related to treatment for symptoms. Thanks for the information.