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Hot Flashes and Tingling ?
KarenM11 posted:
I'm 52, and my doctor just took me off birth control pills. I "think" I may be having hot flashes, however, I start feeling '"tingling" in my chest, not chest pains, more similar to when your foot falls asleep and starts coming around. More like my skin is super sensitive. The tingling starts in my chest/breasts and then moves down my arms then my legs. After all that stops (about a minute), then it seems I get hot. Is the tingling normal? Has anyone else ever had this? Any suggestions to make it stop or reduce the sensitivity? Thanks.
detoxx responded:
I get the tingling in my feet (as if I am up too high and looking over to the ground) .. it's SO uncomfortable.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to detoxx's response:
Dear KarenM11 and Detoxx,
Women can have all sorts of symptoms which can be variations on hot flashes; so is this type of sensation related to a hot flash? It could be. Another unusual symptom women describe is a feeling like ants are crawling on their skin; these sensations you describe may be similar to that.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
KarenM11 replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Thank you Dr. Minkin & Detoxx. Its been driving me crazy, and I didn't know if it was just me or something that's somewhat common. Also, since it started in my chest, didn't know if it was a blocked artery or a weird menopause symptom. I'll start with my GYN. Thanks again. Appreciate you taking the time.