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An_253289 posted:
I've been on HRT for many, many years, following a total hysterectomy when I was 45. Before I started the HRT therapy, I had up to 25 hot flashes a day. I presently use a very low dose of a genaric medication, Estrodiol. I tried the patch and it was so expensive. Used another for many years but it lost its effectiveness. I don't have any plan to discontinue this therapy. I've had no issues, healthwise. Even after all these years, I still get depressed and experience excessive body warmth without them.
lolita67 responded:
What is this patch everyone talks about. My doctor put me on low dosage of estradiol but I have not started taken it. I had a hysterectomy a year ago.. Would a partial hysterectomy been better? Instead of a full one? I hate the hot flashes
Anon_6061 replied to lolita67's response:
It sounds like you had your ovaries removed (along with your uterus). The term "partial hysterectomy" is typically used to indicate removal of the uterus (with ovaries left in place). Hard to say if it would have been better because there's a fairly good chance that your ovaries would have failed not long after the surgery. Of course, that doesn't justify removing them if there's no medical need. My ovaries (and uterus) were also removed and didn't need to be.

It sounds like your doctor didn't discuss any of the implications or hormone replacement options prior to your surgery. Mine was pretty mum too.

Studies show that the ovaries of women with all their parts produce hormones into their 80's. These are essential for overall health - heart, bones, sleep, temperature regulation, memory, cognition, mood, vision, skin, hair, sex (I think I got them all!). So it's not just about hot flashes or night sweats. This quickly became obvious to me. Sleep was the first thing to change (becoming very fragmented). The emotional and mental effects were worse than any hot flashes. I quickly fell into a suicidal depression despite having had absolutely no history of this. And I became anxious and very irritable and overwhelmed by everything. I may not be here today if I didn't take HRT. I plan to continue taking it forever.

So read up on HRT and decide if it's right for you, for your health as well as quality of life. And be aware that not all HRT works the same for each woman. So if one doesn't "work" move on to another. There are lots of options out there.

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