Brown Vaginal Discharge
An_253496 posted:
I am 38, never had children, and my periods have almost always been regular until recently.
My normal cycles were 30 days apart and lasting for 5 days, the last 2 days of which would be brownish discharge (like old blood). I would refer to that as the body "cleaning itself out."
The last two months, I have had irregular periods. They've been coming about every two weeks, and are heavier and shorter than usual (about 3 days now).
This last period was about 3 weeks ago (mid August), and was again short and heavy. For the last week I've been having brown mucus-type discharge mixed with clear liquid. It is sometimes light and sometimes significant. Its elasticity is similar to that of the clear discharge that occurs around ovulation.
I have not experienced pain or cramping, but I am curious if I need to be concerned. Is this perhaps signs of premature menopause, or pregnancy, or what???
I began my periods at age 12, if that makes a difference....
I am overweight but do not have any medical problems. No issues with blood pressure or cholesterol, and I do not take any meds other than OTC as needed for headaches, etc.
Thank you.