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Whts wrong with me?
An_253523 posted:
I am 52, menopausal and have been spotting off and on for 2 weeks. Both my feet are swollen and despite good blood pressure, I can get no relief from the swelling.

I saw a podiatrist who has me on an antibiotic until Friday for a heel spur. I elevate my feet, but still no relief. What is wrong with me?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_253523,
When was your last period? If your last period was more than a year ago, and now you are spotting, you need to check with your health care provider to have an evaluation done. It is possible, as you are young, that your ovaries may be "waking up" a bit, causing you to retain a bit of fluid as part of increased estrogen levels. However, fluid retention is often a sign of issues related to the kidneys, liver or heart; so if you have persistent swelling, you should contact your health care provider.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
KessaMalc replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Thank you Dr. Minkin for your response. It has been exactly 8 months since my last period, and I went to a walk in clinic since this posting, and was checked for signs of CHF, and kidney disease. Neither seemed to be the problem, but the clinic doc suggested a checkup with my doctor for more in depth lab tests. So, this is where I am as of now. The anti-biotic has helped the swelling, and the podiatrist placed me in an air cast for 3 weeks, for the spur problem. I am waiting for an ultrasound and MRI of the heel.

My PCP will be prdering labs for me this week.

Again thank you so much for your time and help. I value it very much.