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    Radical Hysterectomy and 3rd Round of Menopause!
    LariMack posted:
    From puberty, my periods were never normal. After 13 years of pain, erractic bleeding & miscarriages, I had a hysterectomy at age 25, due to Endometriosis & PCOS. Because of the Endo, I was not able to start estrogen replacement until 6mo-1 year after the surgery but I never tolerated it, in any form. Surgical menopause was awful. In the next 8.5 years I gained 155 pds. Doctors watched my weight gain, and at first explained it away as hormonal changes from the surgery, but as I got heavier they grew concerned, as nothing we tried worked at reverse the weight gain. In 2002 I had a RNY gastric bypass and lost most of the weight I had gained. I was told that I might (and I did) experience hot flashes, etc., due to the weight loss, as estrogen can be stored in fat cells. Now, nearly 19 years after the hysterectomy, I've suddenly started having all of the menopausal symptoms I had right after the surgery. The hot flashes & night sweats are brutal & I have to keep my apartment like a freezer. I'm also having mood swings, nausea, cramps(!!), lower back pain, and swelling in my ankles. Some days I feel like I'm pregnant, and other days I feel like I did right after the hysterectomy. I'm totally mystified. I've talked to my doctor, but he says I'm at the age where I should be having these symptoms. I pointed out to him that I've already dealt with this with the hysterectomy & removal of both ovaries, but he doesn't seem to think its a problem. I've also been to a GI, for the nausea, but nothing he has done has helped either. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Anon_6061 responded:
    I've been mystified by others who've had similar complaints of menopausal symptoms disappearing for many years only to reappear. And it seems a lot of the posts were from women who had a surgical menopause.

    Of course, as you mentioned, your gastric bypass surgery in 2002 and the subsequent weight loss triggered the return of hot flashes, etc. But it sounds like they settled down for a number of years after that and only recently returned. Is this correct?

    My thoughts are that the physiological (metabolic & endocrine) trauma of ovary removal and gastric bypass have put added stress on your adrenal glands (and maybe thyroid gland too) and they could only "prop you up" for so long. And now they're struggling to keep pace.

    Since you no longer have all those fat cells to produce estrogen, maybe your body could tolerate some estrogen now. Estrogen deficiency after ovary removal is associated with many increased health risks. So a little estrogen could be a good thing!

    I'm in surgical menopause too but have been taking estrogen. Although it's been a struggle since day 1, the estrogen keeps the classic menopausal symptoms at bay (so far anyway). But who knows, the "shoe may drop" at some point (praying that's not the case!).
    LariMack replied to Anon_6061's response:
    Yes that's correct. However, I've been told I'm no longer a candidate for ERT because mom had breast cancer and is the first person in our family to have it. Although I have repeatedly had blood work to test the thyroid and adrenals, its been at least 8 months, and these symptoms started maybe 2 months ago, with no dramatic changes to my life or health.
    Anon_6061 replied to LariMack's response:
    Estrogen-only HRT doesn't increase risk of breast cancer. It's the combined (estrogen progestin) that's been shown to increase BC risk.
    Cheryl48911 responded:
    Have you considered trying bio-identical hormone replacement? At the age of 38 I stopped having my period & started having horrible hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings & depression. I went to my GYN & he said I was too young for menopause & my symptoms were due to my stress over a recent divorce! I went to another GYN who tested my blood & said I was definitely in early onset menopause. I started taking estrogen & the hot flashes stopped. However, I still had the depression to deal with. I decided to goto a Dr. who specialized in bio-identical hormones & they did blood tests & said my estrogen, progesterone & testosterone were all very low. I decided to try the bio-identical hormones. Within 2 days I was feeling more like myself than I had in over 3 years! I continue to take bio-identical hormones & feel like I have my life back! If you want more info on BHT (bio-identical Hormone Therapy) pick up the book "the sexy years" by Suzanne Sommers, or go online & google BHT & Oprah or BHT & Dr. Phil....they both had shows talking in depth about BHT! Good Luck to you!
    Flygirl97 responded:
    Well are you on hormone replacement..if not you probably should be. My hysterectomy was in 81?at the age of 32. I've been on hormones ever since. Not all of them worked for me. The pill lasted about 5 yrs and then injections till they stopped making them for personal use. During that time till last yr, I still continued to have hotflashes night sweats until the pellet. It's bio identical in that it acts just like your natural flashes and nite sweats have ceased to be a problem now and I am so glad I found a practice well versed in this. Not all drs scribe to replacement therapy but as long as cancer isn't present in your family then it is safe. You know your body wants what it wants. Good luck to you.
    mommamartha responded:
    I too had a full hysterectomy in 2008. Went through surgical menopause. Started ERT but was taken off as my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hot flashes and night sweats came back with a vengance. I was at my wits end as to what to do. I didn't want my husband or kids anymore - it was time to do something. I found a clinic that deals with Bio-identical hormones. Hormones made just for me from my cells. Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. My tests came back with extremely low estrogen, really high progesterone and testosterone non-existent. After 2 weeks on the bio-identical hormones, I feel like a new woman. My husband and kids are safe again. This is a well kept secret!
    Sillan responded:
    I have the same situation and the same issues. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I will tell you that while I don't have insurance at the moment there's nothing I can do to help myself. BUT when I did have insurance I took the saliva test and had a compound pharmacy make my bio-identical hormones. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I dropped 20 lbs in 30 days without doing anything to try to loose weight. My skin looked great and my hair and nails were much healthier. Well... My energy level allowed me to get rid of those b12 shots and I felt 10 years younger. It only took a week or so to notice a huge difference. I used the topical cream that you put on like lotion on the wrists, backs of knees etc... My hormone compound had all essentials in it. I had estrogen, progesterone, testosterone , and the other session hormone that begins with a c and I can't remember at the moment. I can't wait to start them again!!!!! I think you can buy the kit on your own now. Call your local compound pharmacy and inquire. good luck!
    Free87 responded:
    I too had a hysterectomy at 23 and now years later going through the same. I too have had the talk with my doctor who had dismissed it. Seeing new doctor now who is testing me for every possible reason this could be happening to me. Find a doctor who will take your concerns serious. This is very unpleasant and nothing feels right about it.
    Anon_6061 replied to Free87's response:
    Free87 - Were your ovaries removed? Were you or are you currently on estrogen?

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