Feeling of malaise-menopause?
columbusmom posted:
I went into menopause in 2012 but five years prior to that I started feeling quite unlike myself. Tests never found what was wrong. I just felt sick and sad that I was so sick. I even felt at times that there was no reason to keep living if I will forever feel so unwell. I started running in January 2013 and felt so much better. I find that when I stop exercising, the feeling of malaise returns. Does anyone relate?
Anon_596 responded:
For myself I considered it to be related to the perimenopause and transitioning into menopause. The array of differing emotions including the depression accompanied with it. Exercise is great all around and produces the pleasure hormones/chemicals our brain makes. If you have hobbies, activities you enjoy and good times with friends and family it should help with the exercise in relieving the ill feeling you are experiencing.
columbusmom replied to Anon_596's response:
Thanks for your response. Yes, exercise does the trick for me.