Where to turn?
momfrau posted:
Right now I am enduring surgical menopause brought about by fibroid issues. I cannot take hormones due to having had breast cancer. I am so depressed that I do not want to do anything. My quality of life is suffering, and I don't know what I can do. I am in therapy, and I started a menopause supplement. What do I do in the meantime?
Anon_6061 responded:
I understand the devastating effects of surgical menopause. I had never been depressed in my life but became suicidal after my organs were needlessly removed (not to mention all the other horrible symptoms). Thankfully, I can take estrogen and it has been a big help.

I know some women who take hormones (including estrogen) even though they've had breast cancer. Of course, I'm sure the type of BC is a consideration. But it seems too many doctors won't even discuss it regardless of the type of BC.

If you've been told that estrogen is a "no no" then it would seem that any menopausal supplement that has estrogenic effects would also be a "no no." Plus it would seem that your oncologist would have you on an estrogen blocking drug since we also get estrogen from other sources (food, plastics, cosmetics, etc). Some doctors who won't Rx estrogen with a BC history will Rx testosterone. Since some testosterone can aromatize into estrogen, some favor the use of an aromatase inhibitor with the testosterone. Testosterone can help with mood, energy, skin, sex drive.

Since my hysterectomy, I research everything before seeing a doctor. And then I seek out practitioners (doctors, nurse practitioners) who will partner with me in making an educated decision regardless of the "standard." Hoping better days are ahead for you.