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An_253836 posted:
hi I am 33 years old women have been married for 1 1/2 years. now I am planning for my first baby. doctor has done several ultrasound sonography and she told me my ovaries got shrunken and not producing egg and my FSH come as 55.0, also she told me i have POF (premature ovary failure). please help me how can i get pregnant naturally.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear An_253836,
Sorry to hear about your problems. Is your doctor a reproductive endocrinology specialist (like an IVF/infertility doc?). If she is not, I would see an infertility specialist. If indeed this is premature ovarian failure, there are occasionally women who will respond to some unusual therapies, like treatments to antibodies, with steroids. If indeed this is truly a non reversible state, you would be an ideal candidate to carry a baby with a donor egg. Remember, the whole concept of donor eggs was to help young women achieve a pregnancy-using a donor egg, and your husband's sperm. (the concept of donor eggs was never intended for 55 year old women!) And if indeed your ovaries cannot respond now, for a woman in good health, this is an excellent option.
Good luck,
Mary Jane