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GoingNutz posted:
Is is possible to be pre-menopausal for two years with NO period and then have a period?? Thought I was in menopause since I hadn't had a period. Then 2 years, almost to the day, I get a period. Blood test show's not in menopause yet.... very confused. How is this possible?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear GoingNutz,
Good question; although we tell folks that two years without a period in general is menopausal, occasionally we do see folks with your history. Of course, we often like to make sure this is just period type bleeding (nothing abnormal in the uterus causing the bleeding) so we will do things like ultrasounds to check. if indeed this is just an unusual menopausal pattern, which it occasionally is, alas, we have to reset the menopause time clock; and you now have to count another year from the last period to say yes you are menopausal. The human body alas does some strange things.
Good luck,
Mary Jane