Husband begging for help with wife's hot flashes!
riffraft posted:
My wife a large woman, and had one knee replaced and needs the other done, so she is not running laps, but the hot flashes from the change of life are hurting us so much. My wife's doctor does not like to give hormone replacement and my wife hears all the cancer scares and is afraid. I feel so so bad, it will be 50* outside and she will be sitting on the porch with just a shirt and shorts and sweat running down her body. When she is in the bedroom and had been there for a while and I come in the rook, I'm telling you she has raised the room temp and I'm not kidding. Folks, please, I am begging and at my wits end on what to do. There has to be someone who can help her or know of some medication that can lower her temp! Please folks, this woman that I love is a mess and needs help! Thank you!
darlyn05 responded:
I've used a generic brand from Wal-Mart that worked well for me. It has Black Cohosh and some Soy. Estroven is the name. Also, I've read of something called ICool. Mine was so bad I contemplated shaving my head( medium-long thick hair) and not even my grandchildren could handle sitting on my lap at times. I was a heating pad turned on high. Good luck.
riffraft replied to darlyn05's response:
Thank you for taking the time to reply! Wishing you well! Again, thank you!