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I'm out.
Paladin9 posted:
I'm done. There is nothing left to do, nothing left to hope for. I keep bleeding and bleeding and yet "everything is fine". I bleed for 10-12 days and off for 5-6. I can bleed for two months or more. I have been told that I could take Progestin but that makes me break out in little white blisters and swell up like a puffer fish. I ended up in the hospital over this. You could have popped my legs with a needle! I've been told I could take low dose birth control pills but yet I have high blood pressure and my life is very stressful. I have a 12 year old son who has autism. He has a twin sister who is not doing well in school either. I've been told I could get a Mirena but here we go with the progestin issue again. I've been told that I could have an ablation. With the cancer history of my family, this would NOT be wise. "You're still bleeding? You should be done by now. Well, you're so close to the end at age 52 that I don't want to do a hysterectomy on you." Really? I'm "so close" even thought my FSH is still 3.8? Seriously? Even a hysterectomy doesn't hold any promise. I can't take Estroven or Estrosoy because I break out in a rash. I read and read and read the vents, questions and the horror stories here on this website and I find no hope, no relief, no answers. This is enough to make one want to end it all.
Anon_6061 responded:
I'm sorry you're having such an awful time! Since progestins cause you awful side effects, have you tried progesterone such as Prometrium? What about tranexamic acid brand name Lysteda? It's a non-hormonal medication that's usually fairly effective at reducing bleeding.

Do you know the cause of all this bleeding? If you have fibroids or polyps, those can be removed without removing the uterus. I assume you've had your thyroid and pituitary function checked. What about a clotting disorder? Those tend to be underdiagnosed.

I assume your iron levels have also been checked and you're taking iron if you're deficient. That alone can make one feel like crap!

I had a hysterectomy and it's been life-shattering. Hope you can get some relief soon!

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