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This used to happen, then stopped, but now back hurting again
spincahlover posted:
I know this will sound super stupid to most of you, but my nipples hurt so bad right now that I took cotton balls and flattened them out a bit then covered it with a band-aide over it, as every time anything rubbed against them I cried out in pain! They are hard and I am pretty close to my period. My periods are only about every other month or every third month and only last about 36 hours, easy and usually pain free, but since I am perimeno, the pain sometimes hits me and sometimes it never shows up at all!

In my younger years my nipples would hurt like this really bad, but only for like a day and then go away, it was kind of my warning from mother nature, I am coming to visit you! Then it all just stopped and this month it just crept up on me and I have no idea why? I have no desire in sex at all, most of the time I cannot even get wet enough to where it is not painful for me and for my husband. We have tried it all, but with me soon to be without medical. ins. I will just have to deal with the pain anyway I can!

My nipples even hurt when the shower hits them....WTH is that? NO WAY I could be prego as I haven't had sex in like forever and have had my period last month and this month it is near.

I was so afraid to post this anywhere, as I thought I may be the only one with this issue, but obviously I was really wrong. I am so glad I am not alone at age 47 and never having given birth to a baby! My doc told me that is why I am going to end up in full menopause much earlier then most women is I never had a child!

Hope they quit hurting soon, this is getting VERY OLD and I do not handle pain very well at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Spincahlover,
Just checking: have you tried to minimize your intake of caffeine and are you doing any vitamins? Some women find that Vitamin B6 (100-200 mg) vitamin E (200-400 units) and evening primrose oil (2 capsules-500 units in each) a day can help with fibrocystic breast discomfort. Hope you feel better soon,
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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