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just tryn to uderstand
kimmiec_73 posted:
i,m 40 and started perimenopause bout 6 mths before i turned 40 my cycle has went crazy. they came early to start with then were late then on time. now for the last 4 mths they are skip one then start 15 to 20 days late.i have the hot flashes night sweats there are nights that i just cant seem to go to sleep which i understand are normal but for the last couple mths ive been really nauseated no matter what i eat or drink. and the heartburn is almost unbearable even with tums. with my cycle crazy like this would pregnancy symptoms be the same as when i was in my 20s and 30s or woould they be different.and with skipping periods how would one know they are pregnant? because that is the usual indicator that i was pregnant. please help me understand what my body is going through.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Kimmiec_73,
It is indeed possible that you are perimenopausal now; however, there are other causes for the type of symptoms and bleeding patterns that you are experiencing. Have you checked in with your health care provider? Given the types of symptoms you are experiencing, if it is perimenopause, it sounds like you'd be an excellent candidate for low dose birth control pills, which would probably be helpful (as long as you are a good pill candidate). They would regulate your cycles and take away the hot flashes. Now I can tell you that the heartburn and gastrointestinal symptoms are not classic for perimenopause; so there may be a couple of things going on.
Good luck,
Mary Jane

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