Unkown problems
Lopez_Brent posted:
First off by no means am I a hypochondriac.
Roughly 10 years ago I was on a eeg/ekg? for an hour orso to check my heart afterwards I was told a possible heart murmur was to blame.
Over the years I gained an overactive adrenal gland that spits out adrenaline at random and in high doses that drop me instantly. since childhood I never had a set sleep pattern one day I might sleep at night next during the day it's never the same. as years passed the quality and length of sleep decreased to an average of 2 hours per day and every time I wake up I have chest pains and a weird sensation in my left brain right next to the ear. ironically not far from a scar where my head went through a windshield in 2001. over time memory has been reducing to the extent of forgetting age / date of birth and same day conversations. I have high cholesterol, low potassium (hypokalemia, undiagnosed as far as the culprit).
Lopez_Brent responded:
I also taste and smell dust on a daily basis and teeth are in bad shape despite brushing twice a day.