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is this hormonal?
bettygeorgia posted:
I have really vived frustrating dreams in early mornings then I wake up and I feel upset like I'm running a race. It sets the tone for my morning. I feel foggy and kind of nausous and not so hot but like the air is thick.also emotional and hungery. I told my doctor a year ago and she said loss weight and drink water. I do need to loose weight butbi've been this weight yor ten years and I just started feeling this way inthelast couple of years. Am I imagining it all?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Bettygeorgia,
Hard to say; these are not classic perimenopausal symptoms-could they be related? Always a possibility. A couple of questions: are you on any new medications? You mentioned that you were overweight; have you had your blood sugar checked (diabetics with blood sugar abnormalities can have some sleep issues.) Do you get a good night's sleep? People who are overweight can develop sleep apnea, which can present with these types of symptoms. So I would tend to look at some non menopausal issues first.
Good luck,
Mary Jane