Burning Legs
An_254370 posted:
I know this might sound crazy....but has anyone experienced burning legs...almost like a hot flash?
It used to come and go but now it happens more often....
Mary_Jane_Minkin responded:
Dear An_254370,
Nothing sounds crazy in menopause! Women can experience hot flash sensations in any part of their bodies-so I suspect that this is what this is. Hey, some women report a feeling like ants crawling up their legs-all sorts of things can be seen. If it is bothersome, I would approach this like a hot flash as far as intervention-so more soy or flaxseed in the diet (weak plant estrogens); perhaps trying an over the counter remedy such as black cohosh (like Remifemin). If these don't help, talk with your health care provider; consider estrogen therapy, to see if it helps this symptom.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
katia1 responded:
Yes I have and for quite some time. It got better when I started hrt. Most doctors will look at you like your nuts, but this still happens to me, sometime it also feels like something is crawling all over my skin. Most of the time my buttocks burn also. This is very uncomfortable and scary.