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Light period
edenproject posted:
Hi .. concerns of light period
I am 46 yr old and have have a light period for 4.5 weeks I went to my Dr who sent me for testing... this in not normal ladies

I have spent the last 2 weeks shuffling around to medical appointments blood work, ultra sound pap etc I have a condition where I have thickening of my uterine lining the normal range is 3-4 mm mine is 15 mm. It is a precursor to needing a hystorectomy sorry don't have the proper spelling in front of me. Please ladies go to your DR and get a test!
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Edenproject,
Doesn't sound like you need to jump into a hysterectomy yet. A D and C (Dilatation and curettage) also known as a scraping of the lining of the uterus would be a good start; if there is something like cancer there you would need a hysterectomy; but there are many things that could be in there, such as polyps or just overgrowth of the tissue that could be treated hormonally. And the recuperation from a D and C is much quicker than that for a hysterectomy. So definitely if folks are experiencing abnormal bleeding, do get it evaluated;but is doesn't necessarily mean that a hysterectomy is on its way-
Good luck,
Mary Jane