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Functioning eggs created from adult female mouse cells: key studies!
bookbah posted:
Hope someday in the future! Japanese scientists have figured out how to turn back the clock on mature female mouse cells, and create functioning eggs from them. If they repeat this with human cells in the future, this could let women postpone menopause, and bear children later in life. .Links to the academic papers on the topic in Nature are below. The question? Should we apply this technology to human cells? Do women want to postpone menopause and have children later?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Bookbah,
Yes, this is interesting work; there is also a scientist at Harvard who has been working on this as well. Unfortunately, I don't think women now should count on this work being applicable in the near future, so we all need to still look at a finite time frame for childbearing (although currently egg freezing has become a real possibility)
Mary Jane