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ajk1962f posted:
Anyone become more tired and/or experience a noticeable lack of energy during menopause? I have mild hot flashes, but not that often right now, and they don't disturb my sleep. I do have trouble sleeping for other reasons, but I've been seeking help with that.

Regardless of other contributing factors, I do want to know if menopause can cause or increase tiredness. As of now, Aunt Flo has not visited me for three months.

Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear ajk1962f,
Fatigue is not a classic menopausal symptom by itself. It certainly can be for women whose sleep is significantly disrupted. So I would look into other potential causes-such as thyroid disorders. Do check in with your primary care provider.
Good luck,
Mary Jane
ajk1962f replied to Mary Jane Minkin, MD's response:
Hi Dr. Minkin, and happy holidays. I did have my thyroid tested in September of this year as part of routine blood work. The results were normal. I also had blood work in early December (though I did not ask to have thyroid level), and again results for standard tests were all normal.

Guess I'll keep focusing on de-stressing and on maintaining a regular sleep schedule.



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