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myjourney123 posted:
Hi all - I have been cramping for about a week now and experiencing vaginal dryness for about a month. I have not missed any periods yet... and I am starting to get this weird odor. It's not fishy or metallic, just weird. And this cramping is driving me crazy.... is this the start of menopause. I am 43.
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear my journey 123,
It is possible that these symptoms could be related to the beginnnings of menopause-certainly the dryness could be. Cramping is not a classic menopausal symptom, so I would look to other explanations there. A "weird odor" could accompany some early dryness changes (by altering the pH in the vagina.) so if these symptoms persist, do check in with your health care provider. If you 'd like to try something over the counter, a product such as "repHresh" might be helpful, in moisturizing and rebalancing the pH.
Good luck,
Mary Jane