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Enough Sex Already
An_254960 posted:
This society is so rampant about sex, sex, sex, and I think it is sick. We as a society are not able to stop. Well, I believe Menopause is natures way of saying enough. No female Viagra no pills - enough. Is there anyone out there that agrees with me?

The idiot male Dr.s are pushing pills, lubes you name it.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not nun -the 20's-30's were a good time. I am still married but Not Interested - Thanks.

I would rather work, go shopping or swimming or almost anything. Anyone out there agree?
joni60 responded:
Sorry sweetie....I guess I'm a nympho....I want sex more now than little kids to worry about and my hormones are raging like a teenager..... My hubby runs from just want the periods to end so I don't have to contend with that....btw~I'll be 54 in March
Everyone is different and it's ok....
rhondamay replied to joni60's response:
Sorry joni60 , I am in my late 50's, post menopausal and I still like sex and don't want to be without it. I had my struggles with vaginal dryness but once that was conquered (Estrace Cream and FemRing) I am good to go. My libido is not what it was in my twenties and thirties but it still keeps me enjoying sex a couple times a week.
rhondamay replied to rhondamay's response:
Sorry joni60 , I meant this to An_254960. (>
joni60 replied to rhondamay's response:
Oh Thank the Gods!!!! I was worried that sex would end....I can't bare the thought of that....You made my day!!!
Also will keep in mind the remedies for dryness.....
bigred53 replied to joni60's response:
I'm 60, post menopausal and my libido is higher now than it ever was. Fortunately I don't have a problem with dryness. I am single so thank goodness for battery operated


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