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premenopausal attitude changes
cthoma1 posted:
I'm 43 and have been diagnosed with perimenopause years ago. Since my cycle time has decreased if I have one. My main change is my attitude. Out of the blue here and there I fly off the handle for no apparent reason. My flashes are now turning into sweats. Again, attitude! My husband is lost. He's used to it at cycle time but now its whenever. How should I explain this better to him?
Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
Dear Cthoma1,
You could have your husband go to the website of the North American menopause society,; there is a lot of good information on that site. Are you in good medical health, and a non smoker? If you are, you probably would be a good candidate for a low dose birth control pill, which would be a good choice for helping with perimenopausal symptoms; it would level out your fluctuating hormones, and take care of the sweats-and you and your husband would probably feel better. So do consider it as an option-
Good luck,
Mary Jane