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An_255527 posted:
I have been taking Amberen for 3 months now. It is a miracle! I am 50 years old and in peri menopause. I was having 20-30 hot flashes a day and sweating all night. Not fun! It took several weeks to start working but I no longer have hot flashes. If I do it is maybe one a day. Changed my life! I quit taking them because it says to quit taking after 3 months, but now I am starting to have hot flashes again. Only about 3 a day. So, I may go back on them. Waiting to see if it is necessary. Good luck, everyone! I feel your pain! Oh, I also tried Remiferen. It didn't work for me. Oh, and I am taking Garcinia Cambogia by Nature Wise for weight loss. It is working wonders.
thronemia responded:
My mom had used this supplement before 2 years for her hot flashes and night sweats. Her all menopausal issues has been vanished with this supplement"026.. But before 2 months ago her all issues came back and she again used this supplement, but this time it did not work for her. Now she is searching for another menopause supplement, please help us and she don't want to use Remiferen.

Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to thronemia's response:
Dear thronemia,
She certainly could try to increase soy in her diet; some folks have had good luck with that. Another option related to soy is the supplement Icool, which has ingredients similar to the isoflavone components of soy.
If she is still having symptoms, and she is anxious about the use of estrogen therapy, there is now a new non hormonal medication available for hot flashes, which is approved by the FDA for this purpose. It is Brisdelle; and it is a very low dose of the SSRI paroxetine.
Good luck to her,
Mary Jane

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